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LIQUID SUNSHINE PART III- Knowing your True IIdentity

August 5, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Elijah was shifted from feeling alone to becoming a mentor.  It did not happen in the way that a fairy tale writer would put it together.  It happened in a way to only reality can reveal (I Kings 19:9-21). If this text were fantasy it would have gone from Elijah defeating the prophet’s of Baal to him staring a school of prophets and they would have transformed the nation.  However, this is not fantasy! This is real life!  Elijah’s great legacy was born out of the lesson that came in the middle of his greatest failure.

Perspective comes when we settle down and remember our true identity.  Elijah just stood there when the massive winds blew, the earth quaked, and the fire raged.  He settled down to listen for the gentle wind.  Knowing your identity does not come by the way of obstinance.  It comes by an inner observance of who you truly are. Elijah was running from a woman who was obstinate about the things of God. God was showing him how to stand in faith before the only one who is all powerful. When we choose to settle down before the Lord, we can remember that we belong to Him.  Elijah was brought back to observance by the touch of God.

Opportunities are recognized when we open up our heart’s eyes to see what God provides. We must move past the anchor of fear and pass into the action of faith.  Elijah was running in fear and God asked Him “what are you doing here, Elijah.”  This was not a physical location question.  God is omnipresent and knows exactly where we’ve been, are, and where we are going.  So, this was a rhetorical question for Elijah to use to self-seek. God was reminding Elijah about his great identity.  He was helping him see the anchor of fear that was holding him back. God does this for us.  He helps us to see how fear of future failure that is based on past failure can anchor us down.  This past has not seen the future.  Only the future has seen the past.  So, tell your past about your future rather than telling your future about your past. When God told Elijah what to do next, he was able to pull up the anchor and move into action.  He started the next chapter of his life.  He was able to see a lot of mentoring opportunities. When he thought that he was all alone, he was not recognizing what was in front of him. A talk with God sent him into action.

Time with God leads to accessing His resources. Elijah was being kept back by his fear.  He was not recognizing what God had available to him because he had been running away. When he had a meeting with God he was given the key to unlocking the potential of others. Realize that Elijah thought he was alone up until this point.  He thought that he was the only one who cared about God. This was a lie from the enemy.  God gave him the key to unlocking a door that leads to him training up groups of prophets.  We see at the end of his life that there were many under his influence.  It was at this point when things changed.

Elijah came to know his true identity by coming before the Lord. He was running in fear and he turned back around in faith.  Our faith is built on what we hear from God.  Are you running from something right now?  If so, settle down before the Lord.  Open up to see the opportunities He has for you.  As you do this you will gain access to God’s resources and from that point, you can know your true identity.




August 5, 2018
11:00 am - 1:00 pm